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If you have ever wanted to demo your presentations in office or in the college you are quite aware of the limitations every one of us faces during such situations. Getting your presentations live on the projector or another screen and having total control to demonstrate is all what EasyPPT for android is about. The name of the app rightly says it all, the easy way to control your presentations directly from your android phone and still being able to demonstrate slides with pointers and text writing tools using your phone’s screen makes you smarter and more efficient on the stage.

Setting up EasyPPT is a child’s play. Just install the android app and run the windows executable file which does not require any installation. The windows app is self-explanatory and all you need to do is enter the IP shown on computer in the EasyPPT android app screen to get connected. There are odd situations when initial setup can be difficult but the help section can help you out with step by step procedure and video tutorials.

You can connect your phone to PC and either download presentations to phone or send phone files to PC for viewing quickly. Once you have successfully connected both the devices, your presentations can be controlled by the Phone to turn the pages in both forward and backward directions while you can insert text, draw pointers, highlight text and do much more standing away from the computer and display. The eraser tool helps you correct the markups and text when things go wrong while the camera tool allows you to insert pictures directly into the presentation with your phone’s camera.

EasyPPT is a lightweight and simple to use solution for anyone who needs an effective and reliable solution without having the need to import and export files from flash drives and over email. EasyPPT turns your android phone into a portable presentation remote with the right tools and ease of use. Currently EasyPPT is available for Free compared to other similar solutions which charge you over a buck on the play store.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One S running Android 4.0.3

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