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Paintrala – SNS for painting

Paintrala – SNS for painting

The trend towards a bigger and more responsive touch screens on android phones have given enough room for some of the best imaging and photo editing apps on the Play Store. Using the right tools to enhance and totally revamp a picture is now child’s play but Paintrala – SNS for painting takes photo editing to the next level where your imaginative thinking and power of the app makes creative idea’s entertaining with the punch of social engagement.

Paintrala is here to surprise you and everyone around with its simplicity and power of special effects that can help you achieve amazing results with a little effort and understanding. Take a look at the video below to see how this app can transform a simple picture into a wonderful art just within a few minutes and couple of brush strokes.

The photo editor has a rich set of tools including a variety of brushes with different patterns, sizes and ability to choose custom colors. The most essential tools in every photo editing app namely undo, redo, color picker and eraser haven’t been missed here and form the base for a advanced photo effects and editing. Another photo editing feature worth the mention is photo effects that are very useful in an environment like this. The ability to flawlessly zoom in/out, move around and simultaneously draw makes the app really easy to use, just right for the touchscreen interface where things can be choppy specially when the same controls are used to drag to an area of photo and add a stroke. Paintrala also works great with a S-Pen or other capacitive styluses. The editor of the app is fully fledged and does not face any limitations as far as the use of the app is concerned.

While photographs can be added for editing or used as templates, users can also directly share their creation from gallery or after customizing images. The app has a public wall where the best creations are posted while there also is a public gallery where creations from all the users who have contributed can be explored. Paintrala – SNS for painting is currently conducting a contest and has also done it earlier where top 4 paintings are listed and updated at regularly.

The social engagement goes one step ahead with the ability to make new friends follow their works(paintings) and see their collections of favorite. You can find new friends from the find friends area which shows random suggestions and also when you come across a nice painting in the public gallery. Painting can be liked, commented and rated for contest which is great way to show appreciation as well as motivate your friends for the creative art they have put in time and dedication.

Paintrala – SNS for painting is simply amazing set of imaging tools and an app for android that opens doors for creative thinking and entertainment of everyone using it. No one stops you from turning your imagination into beautiful paintings, for a free app, Paintrala is too good to be enjoyed.

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This Android app review was performed on Samsung Galaxy Noterunning ICS

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