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A lot of times we all answer calls from unknown numbers despite being in an important work, expecting the other party to be an old friend, colleague or client who has changed his number but end up listening to the over energetic and makeover voice of a telemarketer or someone you just didn’t want to take calls from. There’s no explanation to why people call repeatedly despite being told not to. But don’t you want to just stay away from such meaningless calls when you are into something really important? cBlocker for android speak most about itself by its name, everything else you would like to do  with unwanted phone calls can be explained our cBlocker’s app review.

.cBlocker is a multi-utility call management solution that can help users stay at peace. The powerful functionality of cBlocker is backed by the security features like password to open the app. You will need to start the app by adding a username, password and device name which are useful in managing your calls from anywhere. The main screen of cBlocker displays call management options as tiles and every service that is running with a green or red power icon next to it. You will see the call log with all your dialed, received and missed calls with every other detail like number, time, date and call duration. There’s also a call stats area where you can see most contacted person for both incoming and outgoing calls.

The call actions section is the most useful part of the app with which you can add new people to black list(reject list) or white list(allowed list) from contacts, from call log and even by number. You can additionally create groups, like credit card marketers or X-relationship for contacts who are trying to sell you a bagful of credit cards or contacting you against your interest. The groups can be used to easily manage multiple contacts where you can block inbound, outbound, texts and all communications with them. By tapping on any group or contact you can see the advanced settings to block text, calls and combination of each of them with either a silencing feature or by hanging up. cBlocker also offers ability yo route calls either to your voicemail or forwarding to another number. While the useless calls are being rejected you also don’t want them to clutter you your call logs, that’s a feature you can use with each contact or group.

Want to smartly silence you phone at given time of the day, because you would be attending a meeting or going to sleep and don’t want your phone to interrupt you? cBlocker’s scheduling feature will help you achieve this in your current schedule by adding days of week and time. You can add multiple schedules like one for the meeting, other for your short nap and anything else when you want your phone to just shut up. A similar schedule feature is also available to forward calls. The app helps you with the dialing codes and configuration required in the setup. All you need to get is just the activation and deactivation code from your operator.

The ability to remotely manage multiple phones can be one of the most unique and bestselling features cBlocker packs in itself. If you are the head of the family or a parent who wants to monitor or restrict calls to and from your child’s phone, then simply install cBlocker configure your account and use the cBlocker’s website to view the same interface as you see on the phone to do everything remotely. You can quickly add all your black lists to another phone or simply use the import data function in the app to upload the blacklists with one click. The ability to manage one phone is free while additional phones and features to view call logs and contacts remotely requires you to upgrade to a pro membership starting from a reasonable price of per year. The premium version also gives you community shared numbers like a telemarketers list, phishing call number and much more directly to your account helping you breathe easy to all those meaningless calls you always wanted to get rid of.

The interface of the app is pretty simple and self-explanatory. While the on the design front, the app looks elegant with the combination of black, blue and white as its background. For a free app and a variety of unique and useful features that come along with cBlocker, it’s a must have you will love to manage you phone calls with peace.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.1 Jellybean

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