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Cosmic Experience

Cosmic Experience

cosmic experience review

Doesn’t this infinitely large galaxy make you feel like an ultra-microscopic bacteria that you used to once observed under microscope in the science laboratory? Our universe in much more beautiful than the over hyped scary rumors that have been surrounding the news in the past. Take a look at the pictures captured from the telescopes or imagine it your way; the universe has a number of uncovered secrets than mankind has yet discovered. But if you want to experience the beautiful galaxy in the way it has been known to humans till date, then Cosmic Experience from Mobile Visuals is an app that brings you a 3D experience of the galaxy crafted with beautiful animations and graphics that compare to the parts of the discovered universe and theories associated to it.

No extra cheese here, the app is very straightforward and takes you directly to the list of Cosmic experiences offered in the app. Choose from 12 unique experiences that are summarized with a short name. Gamma ray burst, Galaxy Journey, morphing galaxy, cosmic journey, spiral galaxy, star cluster journey are a few to name. All the cosmic experiences come with wonderful graphics and beautiful contrast ratios that make the galaxy look lively on the super amoleds and SLCD screens. The feeling of wandering in the huge galaxy like a superman leaves just one word to say, awesome. You can quickly switch to new experiences in but the bad news is you cannot navigate in the galaxy by your choice, well we know it isn’t a first person shooter either.

The interface is definitely not the best part about the app, but the beautiful effects with camera and the view is. Cosmic experience is available for free but you can upgrade to Full version to get even more for your interest in the galaxy.

Wait! There’s even more if you liked any of the cosmic experience. You can use the same cosmic experience as your live wallpaper and enjoy it every second right from your phone’s home screen.  All these live wallpapers are available absolutely free of charge on the play store and due to their nature they hog for less resources on the system. Take a look at the stills after the break. Download all the live wallpapers from the developer here.

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This android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XL running Android 4.0.3

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