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Fitness Cafe app review

A strict diet, extra workout at the gym, choosing longer jogging tracks and even skipping your meals, a perfect holiday and can ruin everything you have been up to. Getting back in shape or staying fit can get really difficult when profession or academics life fill the most part of your day. But Fitness Café from everThink was made to be a part of your fitness training anytime and anywhere. Fitness Café can make you more active, be it your office chair or right after the morning alarm.Fitness Cafe review portrait video

The app is designed with a series of workout cards which are not designed with the same old concept that focus on specific body parts making it uninspiring  and sometimes a big turn off for many. Rather Fitness Café aims at training that is based on your mood, surrounding environment and your body type. Want to just burn fat, looking to heal your cramp, want a daily workout for complete body with simple exercises or want to utilize your short break’s to do some warm-ups and stretching when everyone’s out for lunch in the office? Fitness Café has a diverse nature of cards that you will definitely find something useful in your daily routine. Each workout card is no less than a totally new app aimed at a specific necessity of body or environment.

The interface has been neatly designed to give you the best experience during your workouts. Mount your phone to on the front wall or let the dock hold it for you; you are ready to start your workouts by choosing a workout card. All you need to do during your training sessions is follow the video tutorial with the optional voice guidance turned on. Each tutorial focuses on the body parts and displays a timer along to maintain a healthy balance when exercising muscles of two different parts of body. Say a stretching exercise which does not have definite repetitions to perform but can be done on both the right and left portion of body for specific amount of time. The video tutorials run in a loop mode giving you ample amount of time to understand the instructions if you miss any of the details or wish to increase the number of repetitions and need your virtual trainer to accompany you in your workouts. Each tutorial has a next and previous button besides the play/pause button allowing you advance to new exercises without hitting the menu again. Besides being informative the tutorials also teach the right technique adopted and explained by professionals.Additional workout cards Fitness Cafe review

Fitness Café comes with over 280 video demonstrations accompanied by text and voice descriptions to help you understand exercises step by step. The app is really huge in size due to the fact that it packs everything in itself. You can purchase additional cards that bring more exercises specific to gender, routine, intensity and even body parts. When games can have the achievements, high scores, coins and all the rating stuff, why not fitness apps? With the Café star rating awarded for each workout, it surely gives a feeling of a motivational payoff and you can also use these to purchase new programs in the app.

Try Fitness Café for Free today and you will tune out every other fitness app you have had your hands on with. The rich variety of information you can avail with the lively video demos and availability of workout cards for every purpose makes the app not just different but also very entertaining.   While the app has a few device specific restriction like requirement of Android 4.0+ and that it works only on limited devices like Galaxy Note series, selected Motorola phones, iPhone and iPad. Not having any of these devices would be quite disappointing for anyone who wants to try the app but the developer is gearing up to bring it to many more devices very soon.

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This Android app review was performed on Samsung Galaxy Note I running Android ICS

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