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Let’s Bowl 2

Let’s Bowl 2

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Want to hit the sports bar on a weekend with your friends? Lace up your bowling shoes and get ready for a quick play with up to 4 friends right over your android phone. Lets Bowl 2 from “SideBump studios” is one of the top selling ten pin bowling games on the play store.

The actually gameplay is remarkably well done. Instead of having the accelerometer making it really hard to figure out, the game includes touch sensitive controls for power, spin, and positioning the ball. It isn’t really easy to get a strike but cracking the right technique improves your chances of a hit.Lets bown 2 review

The rules are pretty simple, same as ten pin bowling and you can get started without taking a glimpse at them. During your actual game sessions you will have ten frames and two chances to knock down each frame that has ten pins each. You can watch the position of pins in a first person view along with a top down view on the top of the screen besides your scores for each frame which is good enough to have a better understanding of your current game. Each knock down is followed by achievements and reward point that flash on the screen. This is quite motivational when playing against friends to brag about a strike, double, chicken, turkey, hambone, spare and many more terminologies used in the actual ten pin bowling.

Want to bowl in the Las Vegas or set it up in your industrial elevator? Lets Bowl 2’s pro shop has a rich variety of environments to unlock which add to the freshness of the game with the impressive visual and theming. Another exciting and rewarding side of the game is the range of balls which give you additional bonuses for using them. You can unlock new balls with unique designs and textures to rejuvenate your bowling experience earn additional bonuses. Each ball has a bonus percentile added to your score for spares, strike and turkey moreover the weight of each ball can vary and be a deciding factor for your performance. You can purchase the balls and unlock new environments by spending bowling bucks that can be earned during each set.

One thing to love about the game is its camera trajectory effects that follow the ball with a close up giving you all the energy and enthusiasm with your impressive strikes and spares accompanied by the natural sound effects. The animations are smooth and come with the physics affects you would have seen in the real game but the graphics leave something to be desired.

Unfortunately the game lacks social leaderboards and global score stats but you can freely brag your scores on social networks and have high score available locally in the stats area.

Overall, with the different control scheme, the game manages to serve up the best action in the competition. As a sports game, Lets Bowl 2 aims to incorporate the myriad factors and miniscule variables that make the difference between a good roll and a great roll. Bowler arm strength, hook, and power are all incorporated into the action. For the price it comes for and the array of new goodies to be unlocked, Lets Bowl 2 is genuinely a wonderful bowling game for any age group and any environment you would want to slip out your android phone from your pocket.

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This Android game review was performed on HTC One X+ running Android 4.1 JellyBean

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