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Slots Social Casino

Slots Social Casino

slots social casino game review

Want to be a part of the real casino experience? Or are you someone totally new to slots and poker and wants to try their luck in the world of casino? Playing slots on an actual casino table can be a costly affair. Not just can losing money be frustrating, but can also be a resistance that keeps many slots game lovers away from their interests.  Slots Social Casino for android is an ideal game for anyone who wants to play slots & poker games from actual casinos in the US.

In the first look, Slots Social Casino looks like any other free mobile slots game out there. The rules are simple and similar to any other slot game you would have played or learnt about. You will notice five reels on the screen and the option to change your bets along besides the bet max button. With the increasing bets you get more paylines and ultimately more number of winning chances in each spin. The big and bold “Spin” button resides quite next to the auto spin feature which allows you to place bets and spin the wheel automatically. The interface is simple and the game includes a easily accessible help guide that shows the rewarding payline patterns and score awarded for the combinations.

Slots Social Casino is a pack of 30 exciting slots and poker sub games that come with full social networking support where you can make new friends, invite new people from around the world, send messages, send gifts and do much more than just bragging your top scores. The game gives bonuses and coins every four hours, so losing your entire treasure won’t put you out of the game and you can start fresh after a short break. But if you are a little too impatient you can buy coins, earn free coins and buy lucky playtime. The lucky playtime is kind of powerup in the game that makes you damn lucky for a limited time in any sub game you are playing.

As you start the game and develop expertise, you are advanced to higher levels which unlock new tables or sub games in the main game.  To add to the excitement and freshness in the game, you will randomly come across bonus levels like shooting a pirate ship and earn bonuses time to time.

Revamp you gaming experience with the variety of available tables and beautifully crafted themes like Treasure Island, Stone Age, gangster poker, fairy garden, Halloween party and many more being added frequently.

The best part about this game is the social abilities it comes along with. Not just is it about the achievements and ranking you would want to brag but you can make new buddies, follow gamers, invite gamers from around the world to compete , greet them with surprise gifts and even strike a conversation during the game of slots, making it closer to a real casino experience with friends.

By far Slots Social Casino is one of the top slots games on play store that stands apart from the competition. With its colourful interface and sound effects that accompany during the gameplay you won’t be missing the lively casino experience on your android phone or tablet. The game is available for Free and definitely worth trying for anyone who wants to enjoy slots or poker with friends.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X+ running Android 4.1

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