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Streetfood Tycoon

Streetfood Tycoon

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Are you a real foodie? Do you often visit your favorite street food vendor for the best hotdogs in town or just love trying something new whenever you come across a hawker in a public place? Streetfood Tycoon Android game gives you an opportunity to open up your own street food stall and serve your customer the best food with quick service you have always wanted from every vendor and the best part is you can do it right from your android phone. Experience the fun of being a vendor simultaneously facing the challenges from a variety of customers and random orders with every new customer.

Not that you have made up your mind to start your street food business, all the necessities like ingredients, your food cart and basic amenities will require an initial investment.  You have a choice to break your piggy bank, borrow funds from buddies or seek capital investment. A quick in-game tutorial welcomes you to the game, followed by real action.

The game controls are self-explanatory and also explained in the tutorial where you would be choosing the ingredients for an order by tapping on them and later serve the order by dragging it your customers. The game start from day 1 and each day can be considered as a new level. The growing popularity of food stall will bring new customer and you will have a busy day with customer queuing for their orders. While you need to take care of customer satisfaction by not making them wait more than average time, you also need to maintain cleanliness on the food stall and also keep ingredients in stock by being quick and multitasking capabilities which can bring you better reputation and keep your customer really happy. A short summary details the daily sales, earnings and customer satisfaction at the end of each day.

With each new day you have new challenges to meet and improving on overall sales. By adding new enhancements like music system, a more attractive food cart, new addons to food items and a more streamlines supply system you can gain more control over your little street food stall and also aim for higher profits that further help in improving the quality, quantity and reliability of your stall.

The game puts you in first person view something that you would have experienced in action games. Imagine your phone’s screen as a window and yourself as the vendor while customers queue up at the counter with their orders giving you a fast paced challenging environment.  The animations are very simple yet colorful, uncluttered and enjoyable for a game of this kind. Sound effects and voices give the game a livelier feel while also encourage you to keep up with your good job. The cute smile on the face of kids and compliments from everyone else will make your day even better.

Streetfood Tycoon is developed by Kuyi Mobile and available for free in this vacation period, making the game great deal to grab right away.

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This Android game review was performed on HTC One S running Android 4.1

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