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Weather Services

Weather Services

While the changing weather conditions can be a good excuse for someone who is late for a meeting or a class but the ever increasing list of appointments, tasks and goals leaves no time to stay back due to unexpected weather changes. Having a smartphone not just gives you a choice to plan ahead of time but also helps you take precautions to avoid ultimately ending up on road block or getting drenched in the rain.

Weather Services lets you expect the unexpected weather changes.

weather services android app reviewWeather Services is a weather monitoring app for android that gets you the latest weather updates and keeps you informed about the upcoming weather changes right from the notification bar. Fire up the app, its simple enough to get started after the app determines your city with geo-location function and teaches you basic functionality with tutorials. You can later add multiple locations to the app for quickly monitoring weather and time at once. Navigating between locations just needs you to swipe the screen up or down based on the order while taking a look at the detailed view needs a swipe left or right action.

The default view on the app’s home screen is the current day of your default location which shows up with a fairly big digital clock, date and average temperature assisted with visual weather display. Followed by the weekly view where you can view the weather conditions of the upcoming five days with visual representation. The use of clouds, sun, rain, fog and snow is precisely displayed with high and low temperature readings, humidity, sunrise & sunset time, rain in inches, air pressure, wind speed and moon phase represented visually. Apart from average values shown on the home screen users can access the detailed weather conditions view by tapping on the weather summary or swiping left or right where they can view weather changes for six days including current day in a hourly format with every detail.

If you are someone who loves to stay in sync but don’t want to deal with numbers, the detailed graph view can be the best way to quickly understand weather conditions. The graphs are displayed by day and time for temperature changes, precipitation, humidity and cloudiness. Graphs are uniquely colored to differentiate them from each other and offer easy understanding of details and change in days, thus you can take a short glance at get it all.

The widget is another amazing part of the app that adds the same wonderful functionality of the app to the homescreen. It displays weather summary for the current day as well as upcoming 5 days. The Free version of the app has just one widget size of 4×2 to choose from while the full version carries Flip Clock 4×2, Forecast 4×2, Large 4×2, Forecast 4×1, Clock 4×1 and Mini 1×1 sizes. The widget is highly configurable unlike stock widgets and apps that offer weather monitoring functionality. With Weather Services you can choose what needs to be shown on the widget, including the location, choice between the current location time or device time, the date, day and even the format for each of them. So the next time you get off your flight into another country, you phone will welcome with the new time without building any confusion or your having to switch the clock.

Each moment we though the app has got it all, we could find something unique and useful the very next moment within the app. Another wonderful feature the app has been blessed with, are the webcams. You can view the available webcams in your area or the locations added to the app. For the Free version of the app, the location limit is 3 while with Pro version you are good to go with unlimited locations.  Weather services will also be a boon for users interested in or studying Meteorology, because the app does not just restrict itself to basic weather details but goes a step further to show map view of various aspects of weather including precipitation, cloud , temperature and wind with the aid of lines and pointers.

The amount of detail Weather Services android app has to offer is quite impressive while the interface and graphics are another beautiful aspect. The app comes with tons of exciting features like customization with themes and new fonts that can be download for free as well as be unlocked on upgrading the app.  All in all, Weather Services is a perfect weather monitoring app for anyone who is looking for a beautiful and customizable widget for their phone or a professionals who want to match up to the pace of time.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X+ running Android 4.1

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