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File Expert – file manager

File Expert – file manager

If you are here, you probably are well aware what a File explorer means to your Android device, but today’s age File explorers are far beyond moving and managing files. Though some manufacturers bundle a basic file explorer as a system app other may not and with so many file management solutions in the market it comes down to getting things done with a punch of perks in one place. Imagine the need to have a separate file compression app,  an app for each cloud storage you use, a encrypted locked for your private files, local file networking app, a high speed file downloader and many more such tasks from different apps increases the hassles of managing files in an efficient way eventually leading to duplicate files or loss of productivity due to time spent in finding your unmanaged files.  We have reviewed some file explorers earlier and have loved them for the fact they incorporated both simplicity and efficiency, File Experts – File Manager is no exception but a step ahead and our current favourite and here’s why :

Simple User Interface :

Simplicity is about finding the right things at the right place, File Expert categorises your documents, media , apps , downloaded files and gallery items like music and videos offering you easy access to your files with built in image opener , music player and video player and even for documents making it easier to organize all files without leaving the app.

The multi tabbed interface is something we all are quite familiar with , File Expert opens each folder or service in a new tab giving you plenty of room to work on multiple things at the same time no matter what the size of your screen is.

The app additionally has option to tag files which surely is one of swiftest ways to locate your files even if they belong to different categories.  Another  interesting  way to get the files you could be looking for is “Recently opened” files and “New Files” . Though the name speak it all Recently opened files will only show you files opened in File Expert app or with the File Expert addons like FE image viewer , FE video viewer and so on while the New Files section keeps a track of files acquired on device by date.  New files will include all kinds of media files, documents and any other recognized file formats but excluding system files.

The app totally is comprised of 4 basic sections viz.

  • Local storages  – To manage your internal memory , SD card , Ext SD and USB drive
  • Networked drives  and cloud storage
  • Categories  that segregate variety of file types
  • Tools like a Super Downloader and Safebox.

If you are a developer or a fanatic root user you will be treated with the inbuilt root explorer feature alongside the ability to quickly manage files on your network with FTP, SMB or WebDAV. The developer has also added support for DropBox, Drive, OneDrive, Box, Yandex , Gcloud and SugarSync. Optionally you can set up your own private cloud to allow access to your organization of family members in a very secure and reliable way , File Expert is also offering plans for its Private cloud’s data which can be individually purchased or with a pack which unlocks other interesting features such as recycle bin, PDF converter,  wireless printing, safebox and more.

Integrated Super Downloader :

File Expert comes with a inbuilt downloader that has ability to perform multi threaded downloads thus boosting the speed of download and ability to pause or resume them just in case they fail or get interrupted. You  can tweak the download manager by assigning the number of threads for downloads  or number of active downloads and also choose to save on data plan by option the download over Wi-Fi only option.

SafeBox, your private folder lock:

SafeBox gives you additional control over the files and folders on your device even if your device stays unlocked. An encrypted pattern controls the access rights to the folder and files which are too private to be left unsecured on your device.

FTP Server :

I personally have felt the need to quickly browse the phone but sometimes connecting to a new PC seems to be a painful job , the drivers aren’t right or the USB doesn’t seem to work , even worse the Bluetooth fails to be compatible with the version on your PC. But as long as both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network all you have to do is press the Big blue button and your phones local storages can be accessible via a web browser on another device.  It’s quite a handy tool and though we have seen some light and efficient apps which are solely designed to do this job, you won’t need one as your file explorer (File Expert) is equipped to do so.

Other Built in Features:

When you are managing files from a simple app a built in wireless printer is a must and File Expert integrates it quite efficiently with all document level files and images.

PDF converter can convert your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF on the go, so goodbye to add-ons ,  file compressor/de-compressor.


We always recommend having multi utility apps that help you have just one app instead of 3 or more apps that hog on your device recourses and end up doing the same task from different locations. It makes file management easier , reduces duplicity of files and reduces stress on your processor and that’s what we loved about File Expert besides it neatly integrated features in a intuitive user interface.  File Expert is currently free and in beta state so ahead and try the premium features for free.

Tweet Tweet If you are here, you probably are well aware what a File explorer means to your Android device, but today’s age File explorers are far beyond moving and managing files. Though some manufacturers bundle a basic file explorer as a system app other may not and with so many file management solutions in …

Review Overview

Ease of use - 9.5
User Interface - 9
Features - 9.9
Value for Money - 8.5
Compatiblity - 10



Summary : All you need is this app for all your file management needs.


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This Android app review was performed on HTC One M9 + running Android 6.0

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