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Hay Day : The fun of farming just began – Android Game Reviewed

Hay Day : The fun of farming just began – Android Game Reviewed

Every time i take a look at those games where we feed animals , grow crop , or produce dairy products , it wasn’t Farmville that came to my mind but FarmFrenzy because it’s where my love for those farming games began.  Well Farmville is an amazing game I’ve spent over 6 months cultivating my crops before i accidently stumbled over Hay Day . Well there isn’t a comparison between the two here because they both are equally good and unique.

It’s just over 3 months of Hay Daying before we felt it’s the right time to review it.

First Impressions

The game starts with plot and moves ahead with tutorials where you start harvesting the most basic crops. As you do so you earn XP , gold and other resources which help you build new building like an bakery , an oven, a dairy and so on. Each of these buildings require resources that can be gathered either by harvesting crops or by feeding animals or doing both and it gets more interesting as you move ahead in the game. So for example you harvest wheat and make a bread, the same bread and some bacon from your animal farm makes burgers. The basic idea being generating revenue by completing truck and boat deliveries. Besides this you also trade with real players who purchase your products through newspaper ads.  Moving even further in the game unlocks new possibilities to trade, like a neighbourhood where you meet your neighbours to interact and help them or visiting the town where you meet guests.

The game has so much to explore right from expanding farms to mining, playing with your pets to weekly competitions named Derby. You simple will find too much to be packed in one single game.

Design and Complexity

The interface and game design is pretty straight forward and it hardly takes a few minutes to get a hang of the game play. SuperCell has taken many simple things in consideration  right from ways the crops are harvested to fishing techniques which make those simple tasks enjoyable since it wasn’t the first game of its kind , what could make it easier for gamers to catch up with.

The visual details of even the tiniest objects in the game were well crafted.  With dozens of crops growing in your field you quite easily can make out what it is without even tapping for details.

Hay Day  actually gives a tough fight to the competition both in terms of graphics and variety of elements.

Social Integration

Hay Day  is connects to your Google and Facebook just to save your game progress and link your Facebook friends, I haven’t seen it posting anything over your Facebook wall unless you explicitly permit it to do so. For a farm that you spent over an year to cultivate and decorate, it totally makes sense bragging about in your friend circle.

While the social aspect also adds a trading platform where you can buy and sell your products like crops, dairy items, bakery items and much more.

The Verdict

I truly believe Hay Day  is not more about the competition or levelling up because a level 10 player enjoys the game as much as a level 100+ does, the game is more about your personality, the way you decorate your farm, maintain it and at the end that’s all you brag about in the social space. With countless number of ways to decorate your farm and so much to do in this little game you would never find yourself throwing stones in the river and even if you do, you are going to love watch those beautiful animations of fishing jumping and peaking out of water.

The game is quite in-app purchase greedy especially when you fall short of resources in game or want to speed up progress but that’s what makes the game challenging as well. Though you will not need to spend real money if you manage your game play style and have some patience for items to finish producing, you may still spend on diamonds(in-app purchases) if you wish.

Overall Hay Day  is an amazing and wholesome farming experience which goes way beyond just farming, the social element of the game keeps it super lively and enjoyable even when you have nothing else to cook, bake or harvest in the game. You will enjoy Hay Day even if you hate the farming games category, give it a try, after all it’s free on the Play Store.