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[FinePuzzle]Number Drop : Ready to race with numbers ?

[FinePuzzle]Number Drop : Ready to race with numbers ?

Puzzle games are one of the most addictive games on the planet and if you are thinking why you can’t just walk away from these little apps is because the simple gratification you get from solving the problem is something no other genre can offer in a quick gameplay.  A good puzzle game can be so addictive that it might get you kicked off a plane, end your relationships and even invade your dreams.

[FinePuzzle]Number Drop for Android is the latest in series of puzzle game where you play with numbers rather than just colourful candies, players must unravel a series of increasingly complex puzzles in form of numbers by forming  quads of same number or by a series of rules that can help you add number blocks together to clear the blocks or other bonuses in the game.

You step into the augmented shoes of an  agent, infiltrating and hacking your way to get the number blocks to heaven, yes that’s what tutorial says. The rules are simple and so is the gameplay, number blocks randomly drop from the top and you have group four of the same numbers together to clear them. Looks easy but it isn’t that easy. You can’t swap numbers from their position unless you club them together which is a simple addition of two number which creates for example a “six” when you move “four” and “two” together. Clubbing the numbers together increase your chances of scoring high when you form a quad with higher numbers but also increases the complexity due to the fact that you don’t get higher numbers from the top(the heaven as we said) .  This is the basic fundamentals of the game, easy to learn and get going but what next ? The game progresses way to fast as you get more number on board and it’s all about hitting the leaderboards to brag your scores.

There are characters that have special powers to erase panels and blocks in variety of ways and loosen up the board. It’s quite an achievement to unlock new characters and you can do it only with medals that you earn with victories and achievements in game or you can also buy some medals through in-app purchases in the game. So find your way to victory with a character that matches your playing skills to get the most in each level.

The visual appearance of the game gives some hints of galaxy origination gelling up with the music and sound effects that are fresh and will both motivate you for a challenging game play.

The game does include ads in the menu screens but not within the actual play area so that’s and up vote but the game does not have a remove ads option and we really hope the developer takes this in account.

All in all the fun challenging gameplay is for anyone and everyone who deep in their hearts have love for the numbers and not just the geometry. [FinePuzzle]Number Drop is quite easy to start of with but might take some time to get a hang of it. The game is free on the play store and does not clutter your notifications bar right now because it’s not using permissions to notifications right now.  Go ahead and try the game, do leave us your valuable comments and you could be a lucky one to grab a free app giveaway promo code.