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Who’s older? Trivia game

Who’s older? Trivia game

Who is older, the name says it all. This is a simple game of voting up one out of the two celebs with your wisdom in terms of the age. Whether you are good at reading the fine lines of face or have the IQ,  it is fun to see how long can you go with your guesses.  Each correct answer gives you an extra point and a chance for the next match up.

Each time you get your answers right the second person is matched against the third and so on. So you always have a clue to the next quest comparing the previous match against the new one. If you lose even on a single question its game over, yet there a fair enough chance to get a extra lifeline by seeing an ad or start all over again.

The game does show ads at the bottom stripe during the game play and also when you need an extra lifeline with an advertisement.  But as long as it is a fast paced gaming experience of swiping up it is all good for some extra fun and knowledge on the age of various celebs. The game includes ad-free experience as long as you are willing to shell a onetime fee of 99 cents and also the ability to add 100+ new celebs at a price equivalent to 2.99 USD.

If you are here for social fun, the leader boards are hooked up with your play games profile and give you the ability to brag your scores.

All in all the game is fun just like other trivia games we have seen on the play store with a equally fresh concept and a bare minimal design. Want to check out your luck in this celebrity age game? Head over to the play store and download it for free.