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CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator [Short Review]

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator [Short Review]

Document scanners apps are pretty popular because they can go where a traditional scanner cannot and help you speed up your productivity at your fingertips.

In this review we are taking a look at Cam Scanner which is top 10 list of  “Scanner App” in the Play Store. So lets get straight to the good, the bad the ugly comparing it with its true  competitors like Office Lens, Easy Scanner and more.


  • Intelligent Border detection and ability to customize borders with precise magnification which make your document look more professional than scanned in any other app.
  • Ability to add multiple pages per document with batch mode(a faster way to scan multiple pages)and then transform into a PDF or save it as multiple images, with options to add more images from gallery to document.
  • Invite collaborators to contribute or view documents , quite useful for teams that need same document and want to keep a track of latest document on the go.
  • You can secure PDF’s with password right from the app, so only users with password can have access to accidently shared PDF’s over public network(required Premium membership).
  • Share your scanned documents as text , document, image or PDF or individual pages of document from the app.
  • Cam Scanner supports Folders and #Tags which are of a great use when your library of documents get bigger and fatter, tags can easily get you to the document you want to in no time, the app allows use of custom tags as well.
  • The app has a good variety of image enhancement options and quite customized ways to add filters to your documents after capture with easy options like lighten , darken etc . So you can adjust the intensity of each effect until you find the right balance of colors and crisp text in your documents. Along with other basic editing functions like flip, rotate etc. But in our review the auto mode was quite amazing and did not need for additional enhancement which is impressive comparing it to the competition.
  • Cam Scanner also offers free cloud space and opportunity to earn more with simple tasks like posting your review or sharing it on social platforms.
  • OCR in the app does wonders because scanning a document from your phone and converting it to text document was never so easy and now that you don’t not to specifically download an additional app for that makes it even more exciting to have it there.



Though the host of premium features are amazing but a personal user might find the subscription model little over their budget. The developer could has introduced a onetime premium purchase for some features like sharing OCR text and sharing PDF’s with passwords while still leaving the services like 10 GB storage , unlimited folders,  high quality scan , collage creation with your docs and auto 3rd part cloud upload to the subscription model.

CamScanner in one word is “Satisfying” , it is a fully features Camera to PDF scanner app which needs no companion to do everything you want , it’s a one man’s army and greets you with simple and elegant UI leaving its footprint on your phone forever.

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