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Things to consider before buying a portable Bluetooth speaker

Things to consider before buying a portable Bluetooth speaker

Things you should be looking for when selecting your portable speaker :

  1. Sound quality and loudness definitely remain at the top of the list , since a loud speaker does not necessarily mean it gives you a pleasant listening experience. Since it’s Mid’s are overpowered and the design of drivers are used to produce a higher sound output. But you also do not want to get in a trap where despite having a good punch in sound you are barely able to hear it in your big hall.
  2. Capacity of battery and the continuous play time on battery backup matter’s since it is not a conventional speaker meant for a corner or TV cabinet. You might carry it along to your office, to a restaurant , to your sports club, back to home and even more. So battery backup accounts.
  3. Charging socket : Now why do i say this is because you may or may not always have your charger handy and could end up with just a unpowered brick of no use to you. Micro USB and USB C type charging slots should be preffered over traditional old generation ports that are less popular.
  4. Plastic or Metal : While plastic looks cheap based on it’s finish but is also lighter so carrying those extra weight of metal framed speakers is only good until you prefer looks over other aspects. Metal housed speakers give a premium feel and finish to the device.
  5. Controls : While most speakers have all the controls required for playback including Volume +-, Track << >> , play/pause, power/pair. You should make sure you got all the controls before choosing the device.
  6. Audio In/Aux In : When you want to connect your device to another phone without getting into the hassles of pairing an Aux input port can be the savior for you. It’s usually a good practice to check the availability of Aux in for your portable bluetooth speaker.
  7. Microphone support : Whether or not you need to attend phone calls on your little device, calls during music playback can be an added convenience for your jiffy calls.
  8. Voice commands are the trend of the day and for a device you generally are at a 5–8 meters distance , they can come handy to answer calls, search , skip tracks and adjust volume or mute your device.
  9. Firmware Updates from the manufacturer can make a whole lot of difference when the initial releases of the device come with minor bugs in the software and you buy it in excitement before coming across a genuine review.

Here are some portable speakers around 100 USD mark





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