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Whether its communicating with friends, family, or business clients, Android communication apps are always there to keep things simple, reliable and cheaper when running on an international trip.
Android communication apps help you boost your productivity, help you quickly share your experiences with friends and family in a much efficient way.

Nope. – Call and Text Blocker

Whether you are on a perfect holiday with your family and friends or attending an important business meeting; unwanted pesky sales calls from some fake numbers cannot just be an utter distraction but also ruin your mood. “Nope. – Call and Text Blocker” from Heliopause Development  is one of the ... Read More »

DeFunkt Calls

Defunkt Calls android app review

Modern day cell phone communication is taking a new look every day. Right from the evolution of alphabets, postal services, fixed line telephones and smartphones the communication segment has been strengthening its backbone with an array of technological breakthroughs.  But there’s one thing I miss about my older gadgets, their ... Read More »

Call Actions

Call actions android communication app review

Whether its talking to your most important business client or gossiping with your best buddies in leisure time. Every call ends up with some questions, some answers or some plans. Though the default contacts and dialer app on android is good enough to make or receive calls and do little ... Read More »

Animado-Animated Messaging

android app review Animado

Texting is a hobby for millions of mobile phone owners, who text on an average 10 times per day. Texting is a great way to stay in touch with friends, colleagues or family by sharing thoughts, jokes , or just gossiping on anything. Nothing matches the fun of texting and ... Read More »

GrooVe IP

Groove IP android app review

Though there are a lot of useful apps on the Android Market that we never notice due to their non visibility in the top position in each category. If you have been looking for softwares which let you make free call from your desktop computer or smartphone to the US ... Read More »

Android Hotmail

Android hotmail App review

If you have been using internet and emial for over a decade , you are most likely to have a Hotmail email address. Bingo there’s an specially for you. The Android Hotmail Android App by Better Android Apps allows you to access hotmail account via the mobile website that has been ... Read More »

TiKL-Touch To Talk

android app review - Tilk : touch to talk

TiKL – Touch To Talk turns your Android phone into an instant walkie-talkie. Version: 1.27 Size: 888KB (no apps2SD) TiKL – Touch To Talk lets you instantly talk or text to one or more people with the single push of a button. To get started, you’ll need to make sure ... Read More »

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