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Android phone could be the best portable device to learn and prosper . Why not try some of the android educational apps to learn new things ?
With so many android education apps available, you can now carry an entire library of reference materials with you anywhere. These android apps comes up with every subject and every stage of learning. These android apps are all educational in nature, help strengthen your skills with brain exercises and quizzes; provide reference material; and offer opportunities to boost your productivity so you can devote time to your studies. Learning with these android educational apps can be fun, engaging and stimulating for all age groups. Everyday new and great apps are being introduced, so finding the right one can be a bit tricky sometimes but you can get the best android educational apps here.

Europeist language learning

europeist language tutor android app

Have you tried a language learning app and found it to be little less than awful? Most of the language learning apps or online/offline courses are often dropped within a couple of days they are picked, either because they are not as motivating as a real tutors or they tend ... Read More »

Mandarin Madness

Mandarin Madness android educational app

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages developed by mankind and learning It may not be easy for everyone by going through books and guides. There can be a lot of reasons why one wants to learn Chinese, right from interacting with your business clients, research or studies, or ... Read More »

Pirate Scribblebeard

pirate Scribblebeard android educational game review

Being a parent I always want my kids to be involved in new activities. That’s what builds a strong base for their education, makes them sharper and smarter. Activities like singing poems, dancing, writing and painting are few things’ every parent wants their kid to do. Drawing shapes & toon’s ... Read More »

Kids Match’em

android app review of Kids match'em

Just like parents want their kids to learn something new every day by taking part in activities like singing, dancing, writing and painting; educational games could be one of the building blocks for every kids basic skills, thus make their brain more sharper and smarter. Kids Match’em android game is ... Read More »

¡Hola! – Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish android app

Learning a new foreign language can have multiple benefits like when moving to a different country for travel, studying abroad or if your partner, in-laws, relatives or friends speak a different language or if it’s your work which involves regular contact with speakers of foreign languages, learning a local language ... Read More »


Kidfunkit Android app review

Every parent know very well why kids need to get involved in new activities every day – that’s what builds a strong base for their education, making them more sharper and smarter. Activities like dancing, singing, writing, poems, and painting are few thing’s every parent wants their kid to do. ... Read More »

Learn English Reading JFK

Learn english listening JFK android app review

With over thousands of languages spoken all over the world and each country having multiple regional languages there are many people who still don’t know proper English. Its not that people are not trying to learn the internationally accepted language for communication but sometimes it gets difficult to take out ... Read More »

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