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Space War – 2D Pixel Retro Shooter review

In the 90’s developers had little choice but to render their creative output in 2D pixel art. This soon was followed by heavy 3D gaming that saturated the gaming market but in the recent years we have seen a resurrection of pixel gaming. “Space War – 2D Pixel Retro Shooter” ... Read More »

Standoff 2 – A heavy dose of FPS action in short bursts | Reviewed

Today we are going to take a look at StandOff 2 a sequel to the original StandOff Multiplayer that was a fresh concept in android cooperative gaming. Since co-op games are no more new to the gaming community we want to take an in-depth look as to why Standoff 2 ... Read More »

Infinite Speed – A faced paced obstacle course

Though there is nothing new and fancy about Infinite Speed which games in the same genre have but its mere simplicity and responsive controls make it fun to roll through the canyons in all new space with pillars that obstruct your way. The game is all about how far you ... Read More »

[FinePuzzle]Number Drop : Ready to race with numbers ?

Puzzle games are one of the most addictive games on the planet and if you are thinking why you can’t just walk away from these little apps is because the simple gratification you get from solving the problem is something no other genre can offer in a quick gameplay.  A ... Read More »

Who’s older? Trivia game

Who is older, the name says it all. This is a simple game of voting up one out of the two celebs with your wisdom in terms of the age. Whether you are good at reading the fine lines of face or have the IQ,  it is fun to see ... Read More »

Hay Day : The fun of farming just began – Android Game Reviewed

Every time i take a look at those games where we feed animals , grow crop , or produce dairy products , it wasn’t Farmville that came to my mind but FarmFrenzy because it’s where my love for those farming games began.  Well Farmville is an amazing game I’ve spent ... Read More »

Asteroids Crack Multiplayer Reviewed

If you have a never ending affair with space shooter games here’s your chance to take a stand for the future of mankind. Asteroids Crack Multiplayer starts with a plot featuring you as a hero who takes the challenge of clearing the huge asteroid field that has formed around our ... Read More »

OMG! Fortune

It was hard to image playing an online casino game on android device a few years ago but with the advances in android platform and lot of 3rd party developer working hard to get the best casino gaming experience right on your fingertips, you can now enjoy slots, poker, roulette ... Read More »

Digging Deep: Tap The Blocks

The 3 in a row games have definitely taken over the puzzle category on the play store but most of them which draw your attention often feel like clones with no new challenges and lack of freshness. While trying to find something for puzzle lovers we come across this challenging ... Read More »


The retro style games have always impressed us with their simplicity and comeback on the Android platform. The good old memories of video gaming, jumping over the hurdles and keeping up with the incremental pace of the game comes true with Freerunner for Android. The old school style 2D animation ... Read More »

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