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Evil Balloons

Evil Balloons android game review

The action & arcade genre has gifted the android gamers with some of hottest games out there for free.  Well if you have been doing a lot of endless running and jumping, hold on and check out Evil Balloons – the latest fast paced run & jump game on the ... Read More »

Tropical Stormfront

Tropical Stormfront android strategy game review

Guns, Tanks, fighter planes, ships, submarines, missiles and lots of breathtaking action, yes we are talking about the latest military action game. “Tropical Stormfront” is a real-time strategy game where you defend your bases and attack the enemy forces, ultimately destroying them to trashes. Starting with a brief tutorial you ... Read More »

Bugsmasher Bugocalypse Pro

Bugsmasher Bugocalypse Android game review

I hate pests and seriously no one loves them when they are a part of your house. There have been times when I have been struggling for days together to get them off my house with various pest killing techniques. Well, Bugsmasher Bugocalypse takes your fight with the bugs to ... Read More »


android game reviews BigShot

Gaming trends have seen a drastic change since smart phones dominance in the market. Despite so many genre’s of games, location based games tend to whole new meaning to games. Location based (LBS) MMO (massively multiplayer online) RPG’s (role playing games) tend to bridge the gap between virtual and real ... Read More »

Dragon’s Lair

Android game review Dragon's lair

One of the oldest classic laserdisc video game Dragon’s Lair has finally made its way to all the leading Smartphone’s including the Android. Dragon’s lair was one of the most popular games in the early eighties, due to the fact that it was a beautiful, fully-animated game unlike the games ... Read More »

Fly Paper

Fly paper android app review

Pest control is definitely not the best thing you would like to do on a weekend, but if pests love your house more than you, its time for some real action. The simple concept of catching flies is turned up into a beautiful idea and an Android game Fly Paper ... Read More »

Zombie Juice

Zombie Juice Review

Zombies could be the most ugly creatures you would have ever seen on your smartphone’s screen, but if you are one of the big time Android gamer and wouldn’t mind smashing, chopping and juicing them with your powerful finger sword, Zombie Juice is a perfect game for you. You play ... Read More »

Gorilla Jump

gorilla jump android app review

If jumping and tilting your device’s accelerometer is fun, Gorilla Jump is even better with loads of elements and variations in the game. Gorilla Jump is a game perfectly designed to add some more fun to  spare time. Everyone knows how much gorilla’s love jumping and eating bananas. Though Gorillas ... Read More »


raindrop android app review

The RainDrop Android App by Serious Sheep Games is a game that utilizes the accelerometer feature on your Android device. The object of the game is to navigate your raindrop for as long as possible through the maze of obstacles that stand in your way. The graphics engine on this ... Read More »


retro cosmo android game review

RetroCosmos is an arcade-style space invaders-like Android game. Version: 1.0 Size: 1.16MB (no apps2SD) The mission throughout this Android game is to destroy the alien invaders before they destroy you! The 30 individual levels are complemented by retro 80?s graphics, vintage sound effects, and an entertaining “electro soundtrack.” Controls require ... Read More »

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