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lightup Android app review

LightUp is an interesting puzzle game wrapped up in some great looks and cool ideas. However, there are a lot of problems plaguing this game. Playing with lasers is cool, and in LightUp, you have 48 different ways to play with them. Each level is a puzzle, and the only ... Read More »



You’re probably familiar with the retro game of Tetris. The 1984 puzzle game features seven tetrominoes, with the aim being to fit them together and eliminate complete lines. If you let the tetrominoes hit the top of the screen, the game’s over. Reverstris is literally Tetris in reverse. Rather than ... Read More »

Math Maniac

Do you find puzzle games yummy ? Want to get hooked to a game for hours ? Find Math match on Android Market . Math Maniac challenges your mental math calculation skills. Version: 1.5.8 Size: 2.07MB The goal of Math Maniac is very simple, combine numbers to add up to ... Read More »

Connect 4

A very simple yet powerful game and a must download for every puzzle game lover . The gameplay is very simple , and if you know how to play Tic-Tac-Toe you can very well play the connect 4 . While the game has a comparatively bigger board , colors instead ... Read More »

Traffic Jam

Take the charge to clear the traffic from your street . Traffic Jam is a simple puzzle game which keeps you busy for hours , the difficulty level goes up as you clear a level and keeps going high until you reach the highest level . Your goal is to ... Read More »

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