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3D Mahjong Mountain

3D Mahjong Mountain Free app review

Hailing from China Mahjong has spread to different regions of the world and been adopted with its own unique set of rules making the game easier to play. Mahjong is very similar to Rummy and is played with tiles. The main objective is to build sets with the tiles through ... Read More »

Buka HD

buka android app review

There are a few basic qualities that define something as being a game. It has to have some sort of end goal (a way to win) and a set of rules that you work within to reach that goal. While Buka HD does strictly speaking qualify as a game, I ... Read More »

Zombie Juice

Zombie Juice Review

Zombies could be the most ugly creatures you would have ever seen on your smartphone’s screen, but if you are one of the big time Android gamer and wouldn’t mind smashing, chopping and juicing them with your powerful finger sword, Zombie Juice is a perfect game for you. You play ... Read More »

Gorilla Jump

gorilla jump android app review

If jumping and tilting your device’s accelerometer is fun, Gorilla Jump is even better with loads of elements and variations in the game. Gorilla Jump is a game perfectly designed to add some more fun to  spare time. Everyone knows how much gorilla’s love jumping and eating bananas. Though Gorillas ... Read More »

Bug Village

android game review Bug village

Are you one of the big fans of Glu Mobile after playing super hits titles like Gun Bros, Contract killer , super pro boxing and a few more; if yes then have a look at the latest addition by Glu mobile – BUG VILLAGE. In this Android game you build ... Read More »


hexxagon android app review

When it comes to casual games, there’s just one word i describe them – “fun”. If you are a board game lover take a test drive of one of the latest casual game Hexxagon for Android which has been quite popular as a online flash game too. Similar to the ... Read More »

Alien Battle

alien battle android app review

The Alien Battle Android App by AFTD Games Team is a game in which you are a member of a fleet who is battling one massive alien invasion trying to prevent human death. The game is very well designed with a good graphics engine that gives off an old school ... Read More »

Aporkalypse–Pigs of Doom

Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom android app review

I started hating pigs since i first played Angry Birds but now i have one reason to stand them – The Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom an Android App by HandyGames is an android game in which you need to save the pigs of Earth from the Aporkalypse. You can achieve ... Read More »


raindrop android app review

The RainDrop Android App by Serious Sheep Games is a game that utilizes the accelerometer feature on your Android device. The object of the game is to navigate your raindrop for as long as possible through the maze of obstacles that stand in your way. The graphics engine on this ... Read More »


Android app review StarDunk

StarDunk, the iPhone’s free-to-play space basketball game, has made its way to Android. This is an unconventional ‘basketball’ game; the goal is to get the ball in the basket, but there’s more to it than just that. Different balls have different abilities and statistics; some bounce more off the backboard, ... Read More »

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