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For fun and for entertainment Media’s including video and audio be a real time pass on any occasion .

Internet Radio

internet radio for android

While a plethora of entertainment and music app already await you on the Play Store to let you enjoy your favorite songs locally or explore even more with an online music streaming service or a radio; what exactly calls for the need of another radio app? “Internet Radio” an app ... Read More »

VLC Beta (NEON version)

VLC media player for android

The highly awaited, open sourced and the most powerful light weight video player that has made our lives simpler on the desktop is finally available for Android. VLC recently launched and updated its beta version codenamed the Neon version. It would be too early to say anything about the beta ... Read More »

Easy Photoslides

Easy Photoslides android application

How many times have you wanted to add those wonderful effects to the most memorable moments of your life? But unfortunately there hasn’t been a clean and reliable way to achieve your desired results on your phone in the past. Now with advancements in technology and engineering, android apps can ... Read More »

Scripts Expert

android app review scripts expert

The movies you loved the most featured characters that swept you up, who captivated your emotions, got you involved. Just like you the audience viewing a movie not only wants to be interested in and care about the people they see on the screen, they want to be PASSIONATE about ... Read More »

TuneIn Radio

Tune in Android app review

TuneIn Radio lets you browse and listen to radio – live, local, and global.To begin, browse the categories of available radio stations; local radio, music, talk, sports, by location, or by language. The “local radio” category features all of the programming you’re used to listening while in your car. When ... Read More »

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