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We love listening about new apps and apps our reader may have missed . If you are a reader and have come across an app which you feel hasn’t been covered by us and would be loved by many others, do let us know about it with the form below.

If you are the developer of an app , we would love to see your app in action and show our users how it can benefit them in its own unique way . To the fact that Android Market does not offer much room to explain the potential of your app , we would thoroughly test your apps and let users know how each feature in an app could be implemented practically .

Speak to us via the form below and we will get back to you :

If you are looking for a right spot to promote your android app in new and unique ways. Request android app review or advertise with us to receive special android app promotion benefits from us . This will not only give more exposure and popularity to your android app but also stimulate downloads of your app in a natural and ethical way without violating android market guidelines .

Are you a developer ? Learn More

Android app developers and users can submit android app for review, send press release, or request android app advertising by using the form below:

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Please read our application Non-Distribution Policy if you are submitting a paid android app (.apk file).

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