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Dragon’s Lair

Android game review Dragon's lair

One of the oldest classic laserdisc video game Dragon’s Lair has finally made its way to all the leading Smartphone’s including the Android. Dragon’s lair was one of the most popular games in the early eighties, due to the fact that it was a beautiful, fully-animated game unlike the games ... Read More »


Magic screen lockscreen with PIN code

With the modern smartphones you get the best of both worlds. The same technology you use for work is also used for fun and entertainment. It easier to keep your office pc and personal pc personalized for work and entertainment respectively but with smartphones it’s a highly impossible task because ... Read More »

Wake-up Light

wake-up light android app review

Is it the awful beep sound screwing your ears again, the same unpleasant experience reminds it’s time to wake up. At times I feel my alarm clock hates me more than anyone in the world. Everyone wants be punctual, reach office or school on time, so do i but isn’t ... Read More »

Fly Paper

Fly paper android app review

Pest control is definitely not the best thing you would like to do on a weekend, but if pests love your house more than you, its time for some real action. The simple concept of catching flies is turned up into a beautiful idea and an Android game Fly Paper ... Read More »

Call Recording on HTC Desire : The WORKING solution

Been googling for HTC Desire call recording, Call recording on HTC desire or something similar? If you have been using the HTC Desire for at least a few months now, you probably know what it takes to record calls on it. The tests were taken on HTC Desire only and ... Read More »

Bad Blood

Werewolves, Vampires’s, demon’s, neutral’s , humans and more; the game Bad Blood is about casting spells, building units and choosing your heroes for the battle field where they combat against each other over the table top in form of cards.  Bad Blood packs the thrill of action games with the ... Read More »

CitiBank Android App Available on Android Market

citibank android app

Well if you are one of the CitiBank user’s and have been using the mobile banking facility for a while now, you probably know there hasn’t been an official app for android available on Market for a long time while people have been using the mobile version of CitiBank’s website ... Read More »

Calibrate Android Battery : The complete guide to Android Battery calibration

Whether it’s the long journey in train or a video call with your client or at the worst you get lost on your way back home from a party. There’s a high probability that you may flick out your phone to get help, entertainment or to accomplish a task. But ... Read More »

Android App Reviews sites : The Good, the Bad and the need to market your android app.

marketing android app

The Android Market is already flooded with a wide variety of android apps for phones as well as tablets. With over 500,000 apps already submitted to the Android Market, and around 345,000 active applications, not long before the Android Market  will surpass the app count on Apple’s app store. Today, ... Read More »

Top Android Photo editing Apps

Was the party last night too dark to capture decent pictures of your friends or was it the glaring sun that made your vacation pics go obsolete? But with apps that can revamp such pictures and help them be  a part of your album again, there is’nt much to bother ... Read More »

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