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Download a hacked version of Skype 2.0 to video call on your Android!

A few days ago, Skype 2.0 for Android was released. Other than some neat updates such as a new user interface, 2.0 supports video calls over Wifi and 3G. So, anyone with a front facing camera can enjoy making free video calls over their android mobiles, right? Unfortunately, not quite! ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Google mobile receives an upgrade

If you visited Google on your mobile yesterday you might have noticed that it has slightly changed. At the top of the famous search engine, a chrome like bar sits at the top. Clicking the more tab will bring up a grid of 12 of the most popular Google services. ... Read More »


android app review scratchbook

If you are a businessman, a vendor or a freelancer and haven’t heard about Campfire, you are probably missing all the fun out there, Campfire is basically a web-based group chat tool that lets you set up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds. Invite a client, colleague, or vendor to ... Read More »

GO Launcher EX

android app review go launcher

The launcher is a big part of the Android experience. Since the launcher controls many things such as your home screens, dock, and app drawer, it’s hard to find one with all the features you need. GO Launcher EX promises to be a great looking, highly customizable launcher without sacrificing ... Read More »

android app review business app

If you have been in freelancing industry for a while you must be aware of lot of websites which offer services to freelancers and employers. is world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business with over 2 million employers and freelancers globally from over 234 countries.  Finally the ... Read More »


Android app review StarDunk

StarDunk, the iPhone’s free-to-play space basketball game, has made its way to Android. This is an unconventional ‘basketball’ game; the goal is to get the ball in the basket, but there’s more to it than just that. Different balls have different abilities and statistics; some bounce more off the backboard, ... Read More »

Android Hotmail

Android hotmail App review

If you have been using internet and emial for over a decade , you are most likely to have a Hotmail email address. Bingo there’s an specially for you. The Android Hotmail Android App by Better Android Apps allows you to access hotmail account via the mobile website that has been ... Read More »

AHG Cloud Note Demo

Android app review Cloud Note

Note taking is a probably one of the most important ways to keep a track of your day to life happenings in an organized way.  Whether you’re a student taking notes for class or your workday requires that you take notes in meetings, a handy app that makes it easy ... Read More »

Mobile Advertising and its current state

Commercial posters and messages were written on papyrus back in the days of Ancient Egypt, as were political campaigns in pre-eruption Pompeii. As the mobile world develops to a state where we all have a constant internet connection, advertisers have jumped on board the mobile bandwagon and brought new, interactive ... Read More »

Android device Compatibility makes choosing apps on market easier

If you haven’t noticed the little rectangle box below the name of the app in the Android market . Have a look at the screenshots below. Now before you try and install an app you will be able to see whether its actually compatible with devices added to your account ... Read More »

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