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Task Manager

One of the strengths of the Android system is multitasking. However, when you exit an app it doesn’t necessarily mean it no longer runs in the background. The majority of apps still run silently behind the scenes. Unfortunately this can lead to performance issues, battery consumption and other problems. It ... Read More »


One interesting hardware feature on most Android devices is the built in digital compass. Lots of applications use this to determine the direction you are facing (including Google Maps). The Compass App is a simple way to access the information using a realistic representation of a real life compass that ... Read More »

ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote notepad android app review

The ColorNote Notepad Notes Android App by Notes app is a sticky note reminder application. The app has many different features and is a great little tool for reminders, calendar events and placing colored sticky notes on any of your home screens to remind you that you have things that ... Read More »

5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers

Check out the latest Android live wallpaper collection from to spice up your homescreen and use the free space in a more effective way . Note: Android live wallpapers are currently only available for devices running Android 2.1+. Remember, to set a live wallpaper, long press your homescreen > ... Read More »

Quadrant Standard Edition

Quadrant Standard edition android app review

The Quadrant Standard Edition for Android is an App by AuroraSoftworks. This is a benchmark testing app for your mobile device. The app will run a variety of tests on different items such as your 2D /3D processors built into the phone, CPU, In/Out and memory. After this is done ... Read More »


Android app review of GeoCam

Now that your phone’s gallery is completely stuffed with pictures from every corner of your life , wouldn’t it be a difficult job to figure out where each one of them was taken? But if you are looking for a complete solution which not only stores the dates of pictures ... Read More »

Learn English Reading JFK

Learn english listening JFK android app review

With over thousands of languages spoken all over the world and each country having multiple regional languages there are many people who still don’t know proper English. Its not that people are not trying to learn the internationally accepted language for communication but sometimes it gets difficult to take out ... Read More »

Google Translate

Android app review - Google translate

The Google Translate Android App by Google Inc. app is Google’s very own translation software optimized for your android device. In sticking with true Google fashion, this app has no frills, is extremely well designed, very accurate and reliable. The app itself is a wonderful little tool and Google has ... Read More » android app review

Customizing my phones look and feel has always been my big time hobby and since I rooted my android phone and installed a custom ROM with a more advanced home application like launcher pro, I have been looking for some really nice clocks for my Android phone’s homescreen . The ... Read More »


lightup Android app review

LightUp is an interesting puzzle game wrapped up in some great looks and cool ideas. However, there are a lot of problems plaguing this game. Playing with lasers is cool, and in LightUp, you have 48 different ways to play with them. Each level is a puzzle, and the only ... Read More »

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