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Go Green on your Android device with Eco friendly apps

Are there apps which make the world “greener” ? Of course you can find a lot on the android market .From apps that save you mileage while driving to apps that help you find the right foods, there are plenty of of go-green apps for your Android device. Below are ... Read More »

Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer android app review

Despite the wonderful home screens and shortcuts feature on Android, app management can get clumsy when you have over a dozen of apps on your android device. Opening the app drawer and choosing the required app out of it could be sometimes frustrating basically because for two reasons Android apps ... Read More »

MobileNavigator v3.6 update from Navigon

Navigon have updated their MobileNavigator app for Android to version 3.6, bringing along a variety of improvements and new features. First up, and most notably, the app now supports tablets running Honeycomb. The app is now optimized for tablet screens’ higher resolutions. As well, the app supports a new feature ... Read More »

Music Beta

android app review music beta

While we have been expecting this for while finally during yesterday’s keynote presentation at Google I/O 2011 in San Francisco, Music Beta by Google was officially announced. In its current beta state, the music service is available by invitation only in the U.S. Make sure to request an invite at ... Read More »

Geek Tool

Android app review of Geek Tool

If you have recently bought an Android phone, market would be the most frequently used service on it  used to download a variety of apps . Productivity being one such category which covers a wide range of apps to suit all your requirements. I remember the use of multiple utility ... Read More »


ColorBlind android app review

Looks aren’t everything. Sure, they can get you so far in life, but in the end, it’s what you do that really matters and not what you look like whilst you’re doing it. Lots of people though, will tell you that first impressions are the most important, in which case ... Read More »

TuneIn Radio

Tune in Android app review

TuneIn Radio lets you browse and listen to radio – live, local, and global.To begin, browse the categories of available radio stations; local radio, music, talk, sports, by location, or by language. The “local radio” category features all of the programming you’re used to listening while in your car. When ... Read More »


QuickPic android app review screenshots

QuickPic is an efficient, powerful app for viewing and organizing all of the pictures on your Android device. Version: 1.1.1 Size: 242KB (no apps2SD) QuickPic‘s claim to fame is its speed and responsiveness (something the stock Gallery Android app can’t say), which is accomplished by caching images to reduce their ... Read More »



You’re probably familiar with the retro game of Tetris. The 1984 puzzle game features seven tetrominoes, with the aim being to fit them together and eliminate complete lines. If you let the tetrominoes hit the top of the screen, the game’s over. Reverstris is literally Tetris in reverse. Rather than ... Read More »

MP3 Music Downloader

MP3 Music Downloader-Android-app-review

The MP3 Music Downloader Android App by Best MP3 music download team is a really reliable and resourceful MP3 download program. Currently, the app is free, but a paid version may yield better features, more songs, and more accurate search results. Using the app is really easy, simply open the app ... Read More »

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