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Drone Attack

Drone attack android action game review

Drones have been quite popular in the World Wars. Drone, the unmanned aerial vehicle is usually controlled by either a remote or an auto-pilot that makes it a very powerful weapon for a combat. The 3D action game Drone attack lets you experience the same thrill as you pilot the ... Read More »

Google Play universal update brings more fun, more play with discounted apps

android market Google Play update

After the Android Market turned into a part of Google Play experience that offers much more than just apps and games. Much like the iTunes, the Google Play will include music, movies and books too. The Google Play update for the web version of Android market market was pretty quick ... Read More »

Don 2: The Game

Don 2 android game review

If you belong to India or like watching the romantic-action bollywood(Indian film industry) movies you would have definitely known much more about “Don 2 the movie”. Based on the same movie GameshastraIndia has developed its “Don 2: The Game”. In the game you play as Don, the hero and the king ... Read More »

Key Lime Pie could be the next Android version’s codename

The Jelly Bean has not yet arrived and we have started listening about the rumors of the next Android OS, possibly the Android’s OS will be named Key Lime Pie according to a trusted source of The Verge. Their blog said its the same source which confirmed the name Jelly ... Read More »

Doodle Darlings Ditties

Doodle Darlings Ditties android app review

If you have a kid, you very well know what it takes to keep them engaged and entertained for more than just a few minutes. Being  a parent you also want your kids all round  development, in a way that they learn new things, play with their creative thinking and ... Read More »

Call Actions

Call actions android communication app review

Whether its talking to your most important business client or gossiping with your best buddies in leisure time. Every call ends up with some questions, some answers or some plans. Though the default contacts and dialer app on android is good enough to make or receive calls and do little ... Read More »

Bubble Breaker Advanced

bubble breaker android game review

Puzzle games have always been a part and parcel of my day, whether its waiting for an appointment with doctor in a long queue or refreshing my mind from the hectic work load. If you too are found of collecting new and challenging puzzle games, let’s have a look at ... Read More »

VIRUSfighter Android

VirusFighter Anti-Virus review

The Android OS has earned a huge fan base in the last few years. Its growing popularity due to its open nature, availability from a multitude of top level hardware manufacturers, and increasing number of apps available on the android market have given Android a surge of activations per day. ... Read More »

Chaikin Power Tools

chaikin power tools android app review

Being an active trader it is very essential to keep up with updates of each rise and fall in the stock market. But this gets really cumbersome when you are stuck in a traffic jam in the peak hours of your trading time. Do find it really difficult to stay ... Read More »

Bunny Theme Go Locker

Bunny theme battery charging and notification

Whether its checking current time, unread sms, missed calls, battery levels or data connective; Android’s lockscreen is the most accessed feature of Android OS used in our daily lives for any update or to reach the homescreen. To get the most out of your lockscreen, it’s totally worth personalizing your ... Read More »

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