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Face Off

Remember the last app that made you and friends laugh out loud? Face Off can add to all that humor you share with your friends and family. The name says it all, with Face off you can quickly and effectively affix your face over superman’s picture or give your boss ... Read More »

Toon Goggles Cartoons for Kids

Fireup the app, see a bouncing splash screen jump over your face and you are there where every kid would love to spend their entire day. ToonGoggles is a popular online kids entertainment channel that brings unseen and fresh toons to your kids each day. Toon Goggles Cartoons for Kids ... Read More »

Cosmic Experience

cosmic experience review

Doesn’t this infinitely large galaxy make you feel like an ultra-microscopic bacteria that you used to once observed under microscope in the science laboratory? Our universe in much more beautiful than the over hyped scary rumors that have been surrounding the news in the past. Take a look at the ... Read More »

Paintrala – SNS for painting

The trend towards a bigger and more responsive touch screens on android phones have given enough room for some of the best imaging and photo editing apps on the Play Store. Using the right tools to enhance and totally revamp a picture is now child’s play but Paintrala – SNS ... Read More »

Breedlove Calendar Quotes

Breedlove Calendar Quotes android quotes app

I have been reading quotes since my childhood and what I like most about quotes is that they bring my thoughts to play. Whether you are feeling down or have a looming personal problem they can set your mood and can also bring some humor. Well we have all seen ... Read More »


sports tickets stadium overview android app review

Watching my favorite sports on a pleasant day with my friends would be the most enjoyable time I would like to spend on a relaxing weekend. Personally, I’m really into NFL and NBA, but I’d watch MLB playoffs and NHL with the right crowd. Nobody likes getting caught up in ... Read More »

Whistle App

whistle app android app review

This app has been renamed by the developer to – Surprise Throwing a surprise party is one the best ways to celebrate your loved one’s special day. Be it is a birthday party that starts with a blast, a Christmas celebration or any other special occasion. Adding a little bit ... Read More »

Happy Snowflake

Happy Snowflake android app review

Winter is probably one of the best seasons of the year. Right from the scary Halloween pranks,  the lovely Christmas gifts to a wonderful dinner with your friends or relatives on the new year’s eve, Winter season brings us all the fun and excitement we have been missing all through ... Read More »

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