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OneView Calendar App Reviewed

Calendars can be a great way to organize tasks and appointments. Whether its an important business meeting or your date with someone really special, your busy schedule could risk your commitments and here’s where calendars and task managers come as a real life saver. Stacking the calendar apps in competition ... Read More »

File Expert – file manager

If you are here, you probably are well aware what a File explorer means to your Android device, but today’s age File explorers are far beyond moving and managing files. Though some manufacturers bundle a basic file explorer as a system app other may not and with so many file ... Read More »

Web PC Suite – File Transfer

Ever imagined how easy could moving around files to and from your android device, or streaming music from your phone can be? Web PC Suite is a daily utility app that can give a total make over to your mobile life, the way you deal with files, media and apps ... Read More »

App Habits

The ever-growing database of apps on the Play Store and the urge to try superior apps to your existing favorites can in turn give you a hard time managing and finding apps when you need them the most. Keeping your apps managed and accessible required some homework each time you ... Read More »

Note Anytime

Been doing a lot of Note taking, scribbling the note pads and adding graphs to your presentations on your computer? You definitely got to check out Note Anytime for Android. Note taking is going to never be the same with Note Anytime, a free Android app packed with a variety ... Read More »


cBlocker review

A lot of times we all answer calls from unknown numbers despite being in an important work, expecting the other party to be an old friend, colleague or client who has changed his number but end up listening to the over energetic and makeover voice of a telemarketer or someone ... Read More »

Green Power

Green Power saver android app review

Is the battery on your Android Phone is driving you nuts? Probably you have got yourself a new Android phone or your battery has worn out with time and frequent charges.  But if many battery saving apps that claim to conserve your battery have only made the battery life worse, ... Read More »


PrintJinni android app review

Having a couple of important documents on your android phone that need to be printed immediately or be sent to someone as a hard copy is yet another challenge many professionals and businesses face each day. It may not be the best idea to rush over to the nearest computer ... Read More »

Siri look out! Sagan Voice

Siri look out! Sagan Voice actions android app review

“Siri look out! Sagan AI here!” That’s a pretty bold statement to consider and that’s why we wanted to take a look at Sagan AI. Siri as we all know is arguably the best way to interact with a mobile device(iPhone) by making use of voice commands. Google Voice has ... Read More »


Stringnote android app review

While you are on the road, heading somewhere or having fun with your friends in a sports club, there can be a lot of things running in mind and need to be thought about sometime later but it can be a real pain to take them down as note in ... Read More »

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