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Battery Saver Android FREE

battery saver android free app review

Now that you bought a muticored beast with a huge display that puts your friends phones at shame as you brag about the best features of your phone, one thing that haunts you every time you are away from a power source is your battery life. Fortunately the Play store ... Read More »

Green Power

Green Power saver android app review

Is the battery on your Android Phone is driving you nuts? Probably you have got yourself a new Android phone or your battery has worn out with time and frequent charges.  But if many battery saving apps that claim to conserve your battery have only made the battery life worse, ... Read More »

Calibrate Android Battery : The complete guide to Android Battery calibration

Whether it’s the long journey in train or a video call with your client or at the worst you get lost on your way back home from a party. There’s a high probability that you may flick out your phone to get help, entertainment or to accomplish a task. But ... Read More »

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