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Flashing The Boot.img On An Android Phone

Note: This procedure is meant for HTC One X but also works on other android phone and tablet devices. The boot.img file is required to install a custom ROM on the HTC ONE X which is currently S-ON. S-OFF devices need not require the additional steps of flashing a boot.img ... Read More »

Installing a Custom Rom On Any Android Phone

If you are coming from Rooting Guide for One X, this guide helps you to flash a ROM on HTC One X. Before you begin please backup your current ROM to preserve data in case of unexpected failure. How to flash a ROM on any Android Phone: How to backup ... Read More »

ADB and Fastboot basic commands

ADB Commands adb install – install an Android application on your phone directly from PC adb devices – All devices connected to PC via USB in adb mode are displayed here adb pull – You can download files from your phone to PC adb push – You can Upload files ... Read More »

How to Setup ADB and FASTBOOT Drivers on MAC

ADB and FASTBOOT Driver installation on MAC OS X Lets get started: First download the latest Android SDK from Google: After downloading the Zip archive, extract it to your desired location If you want to use ADB, you will be required to install the Android SDK. See installation steps ... Read More »

How to install Android USB drivers for ADB and FASTBOOT on Windows PC ?

Installing Android USB drivers on Windows : Drivers for HTC phones and tablets: Install HTC Sync, the easiest way to get all the necessary drivers for your HTC phone or use this direct link to download Drivers for Samsung phones and tablets: For a Samsung Phone, install Samsung Kies Drivers ... Read More »

How to install ADB and FASTBOOT Drivers on Linux PC.

ADB and FASTBOOT Driver installation on Linux computers Installing drivers on Linux is as easy as doing nothing. Firstly it is important to note that you do not need any drivers for Android SDK on linux (adb shell), but to get fastboot working you need the binary in SDK package. ... Read More »

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