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Gift Cards and WishLists Make Their Way to Google Play Store

new play store update

The much awaited feature of gift card redemption and creating wishlists has finally landed on the Play Store. This pretty useful feature has been available on the App store ever since its evolution and has made it easier for developers and users to send an app as gift to anyone ... Read More »

Nexus Q shipments delayed by 2-3 weeks due to no stock

Nexus Q availablity on Play Store

Looks like Google is unable to meet the demands of the tech savvy geeks who are currently awaiting the delivery of Nexus Q. Though users were promised a 3-5 days shipping time initially looks like they will have to wait a little longer for over 2-3 weeks. The Play store ... Read More »

Mobile GA

If you are not satisfied with mAnalytics or Analytics widget reviewed by us previously you need not be disappointed just because Google hasn’t given it a thought . Mobile GA is a free app that will let you watch your Google analytics account with ease and power . Start the ... Read More »

Analytics Widget

Last Week we showed how mAnalytics can show your Google analytics details directly on your phone without having to go to a PC , now we will learn a even simpler method with a less powerful tool . Widgets are a simple way to keep an eye on a lot ... Read More »

Google Chrome to Phone

Google Chrome to Phone is a must have Android app from Google for anyone who uses Chrome as their regular browser on their computer. The app works in conjunction with the Chrome extension to send links straight to your phone. It will also work with a Firefox extension called Send ... Read More »


Need more customizations with the Android or need an avatar for your mobile forums profile . Androidify will help you with your job in getting your customized Android . With Androidify you can dress up the little Android robot which has been liked by everyone in past with green naked ... Read More »

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