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Virus Cleaner – Antivirus from Hi-Security Lab

Ever found yourself or a friend of your struggling while using their phone blaming it on all on the manufacturer? The phone manufacturer might not always be the right person to blame.  Keeping your phone in a healthy state right from the day you purchase it will not just keep ... Read More »

SENTRYsp InSight

SENTRYsp InSight Android App Review

The smartphone and its users are getting smarter each day as new technology and innovative apps make their way to them. But it can also make you dumb if you are unaware of what exactly is happening under the beautiful display of the phone. Who is to blame when the ... Read More »

VIRUSfighter Android

VirusFighter Anti-Virus review

The Android OS has earned a huge fan base in the last few years. Its growing popularity due to its open nature, availability from a multitude of top level hardware manufacturers, and increasing number of apps available on the android market have given Android a surge of activations per day. ... Read More »

Bouncer Service from Google will Remove Malware on the Android Market

Android malware

The Android Market has been growing at a very high pace and with so many Android apps entering the Android Market every day, it has been a tough job for reviewers to keep an eye on every malicious applications entering the Google’s Android Market. To deal with such apps Google ... Read More »

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