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Fly Paper

Fly paper android app review

Pest control is definitely not the best thing you would like to do on a weekend, but if pests love your house more than you, its time for some real action. The simple concept of catching flies is turned up into a beautiful idea and an Android game Fly Paper ... Read More »

BHive Google Tasks | Todo

Bhive todo android app review

There are a lot of task management/to-do apps available on the android market which do their job fairly well but each app has its own set of pros and cons. An app which is has advanced level of features may need not be a very user friendly and easy to ... Read More »

Buka HD

buka android app review

There are a few basic qualities that define something as being a game. It has to have some sort of end goal (a way to win) and a set of rules that you work within to reach that goal. While Buka HD does strictly speaking qualify as a game, I ... Read More »


Android app review of FitApp

Whether it’s just adoring the fit body of your favorite celebrity or being jealous of your neighbors fitness, everyone wants to have a fit and attractive body. Fitness means different to different people, for some it’s about being able to fit into their favorite clothes, while for others; it is ... Read More »

MotivAider® for Mobile

MotivAider app review

There are a lot of negatives you know about yourself, you want to change them but despite your strong determination all your efforts go futile just because your behavior and habits are too personal to be shared with your friends or relatives for seeking their help.  If you respect your ... Read More »

Scripts Expert

android app review scripts expert

The movies you loved the most featured characters that swept you up, who captivated your emotions, got you involved. Just like you the audience viewing a movie not only wants to be interested in and care about the people they see on the screen, they want to be PASSIONATE about ... Read More »

Track your plan

android app reviews track your plan

Despite your keen eye on your monthly mobile network usage and multiple efforts made to keep it under control if you are still paying overage charges to your mobile network operator month after the other, it’s time for a more effective and reliable approach to deal with the situation. Track ... Read More »

Zombie Juice

Zombie Juice Review

Zombies could be the most ugly creatures you would have ever seen on your smartphone’s screen, but if you are one of the big time Android gamer and wouldn’t mind smashing, chopping and juicing them with your powerful finger sword, Zombie Juice is a perfect game for you. You play ... Read More »


android app review of PixeGrab

Been to a party where you snapped a lot of cool pictures but unfortunately used your friend’s phone for it, and now that you need them you don’t have any to share with your online friends, family and colleagues.  Requesting your friends to send over a dozen MMS’s isn’t a ... Read More »

GrooVe IP

Groove IP android app review

Though there are a lot of useful apps on the Android Market that we never notice due to their non visibility in the top position in each category. If you have been looking for softwares which let you make free call from your desktop computer or smartphone to the US ... Read More »

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