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Gorilla Jump

gorilla jump android app review

If jumping and tilting your device’s accelerometer is fun, Gorilla Jump is even better with loads of elements and variations in the game. Gorilla Jump is a game perfectly designed to add some more fun to  spare time. Everyone knows how much gorilla’s love jumping and eating bananas. Though Gorillas ... Read More »


Kidfunkit Android app review

Every parent know very well why kids need to get involved in new activities every day – that’s what builds a strong base for their education, making them more sharper and smarter. Activities like dancing, singing, writing, poems, and painting are few thing’s every parent wants their kid to do. ... Read More »


android app review kaNumber

Numbers are something we come across everyday in our life, it is impossible to imagine a day without them. Whether its watching your clock, waiting for your favorite TV show or paying the cashier , there are numbers everywhere. But have you ever thought about the relation of numbers with ... Read More »


seekdroid android app review

As smartphones become capable of performing more and more complex tasks, the thought of losing your phone becomes more and more terrifying. Losing your cell phone ten years ago meant that whoever found it would have access to your contact list, and that copy of Tetris that came preloaded on ... Read More »

Aporkalypse–Pigs of Doom

Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom android app review

I started hating pigs since i first played Angry Birds but now i have one reason to stand them – The Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom an Android App by HandyGames is an android game in which you need to save the pigs of Earth from the Aporkalypse. You can achieve ... Read More »

Uloops Studio

android app review Uloops Studio Pro

Are you a music maniac ? Then this is for you . The Uloops Studio Android App by Uloops labs is a ridiculously amazing app that lets you have an entire music studio in your pocket or on your Android tablet. The graphics interface on this app is tremendous and ... Read More »


android app review scratchbook

If you are a businessman, a vendor or a freelancer and haven’t heard about Campfire, you are probably missing all the fun out there, Campfire is basically a web-based group chat tool that lets you set up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds. Invite a client, colleague, or vendor to ... Read More »

android app review business app

If you have been in freelancing industry for a while you must be aware of lot of websites which offer services to freelancers and employers. is world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business with over 2 million employers and freelancers globally from over 234 countries.  Finally the ... Read More »

Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer android app review

Despite the wonderful home screens and shortcuts feature on Android, app management can get clumsy when you have over a dozen of apps on your android device. Opening the app drawer and choosing the required app out of it could be sometimes frustrating basically because for two reasons Android apps ... Read More »

Geek Tool

Android app review of Geek Tool

If you have recently bought an Android phone, market would be the most frequently used service on it  used to download a variety of apps . Productivity being one such category which covers a wide range of apps to suit all your requirements. I remember the use of multiple utility ... Read More »

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