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ADB and Fastboot basic commands

ADB Commands

adb install – install an Android application on your phone directly from PC
adb devices – All devices connected to PC via USB in adb mode are displayed here
adb pull – You can download files from your phone to PC
adb push – You can Upload files to your phone from PC with the push method.
adb remount – This will remount the Android system in a read-write mode and allows you to edit files
adb shell– Run commands directly on your phone
adb logcat – Debugging information from your handset is dumped to the console.

Fastboot Commands

fastboot devices – All devices connected to PC via USB in fastboot mode are displayed here
fastboot flash – Flash a ROM from PC, partition can be one of boot, recovery, system, userdata
fastboot boot – boots a rom stored on your pc specified by the filename

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