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Android app news which covers , new app releases and announcement , new android mobiles, firmware updates , industry news and everything releated to Android

Intel E6XX Processors will soon run Gingerbread

The internet is once again buzzing with Android news, and this time it comes from a big name processor manufacturer. Intel recently published a video on their new E6XX processors, and that video had a funny little slide boasting Android support. Upon further digging, it turns out Intel will bring ... Read More »

How to install paid apps in a country where they are not supported

You find a great paid app on the Marketplace that looks really good. You are willing to buy the app so you can enjoy the app and support that great developer. You go to pay for the app, only to find that you can’t buy paid apps in your country. ... Read More »

Download the new Android Marketplace

Yesterday, Google announced an update to the Android Marketplace. The update included many minor updates such as multiple account support and Google movie and book intergration. The main update to the Android Marketplace is to the UI. It doesn’t seem long ago that Google updated the Marketplace UI last time. ... Read More »

Why should you use a custom launcher?

A few days ago, I explained what a launcher is. Now you know what one is, I am going to explain the reasons you should install a custom launcher, and some of the reasons why you shouldn’t. Reasons why you should install a custom launcher! Extra features – Custom launchers can ... Read More »

Save valuable time when searching for Android apps

Today, I give you a little, but useful tip which could save you a bunch of time while searching for apps. Instead of opening up the Android Marketplace to search for an app, use the Google search widget. Set the Google search widget to search the Android marketplace, and all ... Read More »

Want a Google plus invitation?

By now you will all have heard of Google plus and how great it is, so I am not going to bore you with yet another review. If you do want to see some reviews of Google Plus and the Google Plus Android app, I have put some links at ... Read More »

Automatically fill up your home screen with shortcuts to your most used apps

Most Android phones have many home screens for you to fill up with widgets and app shortcut’s. It is nice to be able to place your favourite apps on your home screen so you can easily and quickly open them up rather than having to scroll through all of your ... Read More »

What is an Android launcher?

What is it? Does the word, “launcher” make any sense to you? If it doesn’t then you may not know what one is, but you are using one every time you use your Android mobile. Still not making any sense? let me give you an example. Have you noticed how ... Read More »

Mobile Advertising and its current state

Commercial posters and messages were written on papyrus back in the days of Ancient Egypt, as were political campaigns in pre-eruption Pompeii. As the mobile world develops to a state where we all have a constant internet connection, advertisers have jumped on board the mobile bandwagon and brought new, interactive ... Read More »

Android device Compatibility makes choosing apps on market easier

If you haven’t noticed the little rectangle box below the name of the app in the Android market . Have a look at the screenshots below. Now before you try and install an app you will be able to see whether its actually compatible with devices added to your account ... Read More »

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