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Android Casual apps : Here you can find reviews of all casual apps . Now enjoy these apps while you relax on your couch or in your free time like standing in a long queue.
Android Casual app reviews on Android app log will describe features of all apps and let you understand which ones are suitable for your requirements .


ColorBlind android app review

Looks aren’t everything. Sure, they can get you so far in life, but in the end, it’s what you do that really matters and not what you look like whilst you’re doing it. Lots of people though, will tell you that first impressions are the most important, in which case ... Read More »

2 Player Reactor

Android app reviews : two player reactor

2 Player Reactor lets you face off against your friends in a battle of quick thinking and lightning-fast reaction times. Version: 1.6 Size: 1.02MB (apps2SD enabled) This Android game tests not only your reflexes but also your much of your basic knowledge. It’s perfect as a “bar game, ice breaker, ... Read More »

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is a physics based game play, where in the paper ball needs to be tossed in the dust bin to score points. A very simple idea initially developed for the iPhone platform and later on comes to the Android. The game has 3 modes Easy, Medium and Hard ... Read More »

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