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There are innumerable things that an android phone can do and that can be achieved only with android tools apps that can serve your purpose. It can help you do things faster and better from planning a garden to tuning a guitar to making sure your wall of photos hang straight. There are a lot of android tools apps that you can explore and integrate into daily activities. We review android tools apps and help you chose the right ones.


Magic screen lockscreen with PIN code

With the modern smartphones you get the best of both worlds. The same technology you use for work is also used for fun and entertainment. It easier to keep your office pc and personal pc personalized for work and entertainment respectively but with smartphones it’s a highly impossible task because ... Read More »

Track your plan

android app reviews track your plan

Despite your keen eye on your monthly mobile network usage and multiple efforts made to keep it under control if you are still paying overage charges to your mobile network operator month after the other, it’s time for a more effective and reliable approach to deal with the situation. Track ... Read More »


android app review of PixeGrab

Been to a party where you snapped a lot of cool pictures but unfortunately used your friend’s phone for it, and now that you need them you don’t have any to share with your online friends, family and colleagues.  Requesting your friends to send over a dozen MMS’s isn’t a ... Read More »


seekdroid android app review

As smartphones become capable of performing more and more complex tasks, the thought of losing your phone becomes more and more terrifying. Losing your cell phone ten years ago meant that whoever found it would have access to your contact list, and that copy of Tetris that came preloaded on ... Read More »

Quadrant Standard Edition

Quadrant Standard edition android app review

The Quadrant Standard Edition for Android is an App by AuroraSoftworks. This is a benchmark testing app for your mobile device. The app will run a variety of tests on different items such as your 2D /3D processors built into the phone, CPU, In/Out and memory. After this is done ... Read More »


Android app review of GeoCam

Now that your phone’s gallery is completely stuffed with pictures from every corner of your life , wouldn’t it be a difficult job to figure out where each one of them was taken? But if you are looking for a complete solution which not only stores the dates of pictures ... Read More »

Google Translate

Android app review - Google translate

The Google Translate Android App by Google Inc. app is Google’s very own translation software optimized for your android device. In sticking with true Google fashion, this app has no frills, is extremely well designed, very accurate and reliable. The app itself is a wonderful little tool and Google has ... Read More » android app review

Customizing my phones look and feel has always been my big time hobby and since I rooted my android phone and installed a custom ROM with a more advanced home application like launcher pro, I have been looking for some really nice clocks for my Android phone’s homescreen . The ... Read More »

Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer android app review

Despite the wonderful home screens and shortcuts feature on Android, app management can get clumsy when you have over a dozen of apps on your android device. Opening the app drawer and choosing the required app out of it could be sometimes frustrating basically because for two reasons Android apps ... Read More »

Mobile GA

If you are not satisfied with mAnalytics or Analytics widget reviewed by us previously you need not be disappointed just because Google hasn’t given it a thought . Mobile GA is a free app that will let you watch your Google analytics account with ease and power . Start the ... Read More »

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