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Get to know the android platform better with our tips and answers to how to’s . Android app log also provides suggestion if you are facing issues with any thing android in real time .

How to install Android USB drivers for ADB and FASTBOOT on Windows PC ?

Installing Android USB drivers on Windows : Drivers for HTC phones and tablets: Install HTC Sync, the easiest way to get all the necessary drivers for your HTC phone or use this direct link to download Drivers for Samsung phones and tablets: For a Samsung Phone, install Samsung Kies Drivers ... Read More »

How to install ADB and FASTBOOT Drivers on Linux PC.

ADB and FASTBOOT Driver installation on Linux computers Installing drivers on Linux is as easy as doing nothing. Firstly it is important to note that you do not need any drivers for Android SDK on linux (adb shell), but to get fastboot working you need the binary in SDK package. ... Read More »

Call Recording on HTC Desire : The WORKING solution

Been googling for HTC Desire call recording, Call recording on HTC desire or something similar? If you have been using the HTC Desire for at least a few months now, you probably know what it takes to record calls on it. The tests were taken on HTC Desire only and ... Read More »

Calibrate Android Battery : The complete guide to Android Battery calibration

Whether it’s the long journey in train or a video call with your client or at the worst you get lost on your way back home from a party. There’s a high probability that you may flick out your phone to get help, entertainment or to accomplish a task. But ... Read More »

Rooting and Installing Custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5503/i5500)

custom rom installation on galaxy 5 i5503 i5500

Rooting and Installing a custom rom on high end devices like Galaxy S I/II , HTC Desire I/HD , HTC EVO, Droid 1,  Nexus One/S , LG Optimus and few others has been incredibly easy with lot of forum users to help and brief tutorials available over the web. But ... Read More »

What is an Android launcher?

What is it? Does the word, “launcher” make any sense to you? If it doesn’t then you may not know what one is, but you are using one every time you use your Android mobile. Still not making any sense? let me give you an example. Have you noticed how ... Read More »

How to listen to radio on Android

You can play the radio on nearly every mobile available. The catch? The antenna is in the earphones so you need them plugged in to listen. Also, reception can be quite bad so expect to hear lots of crackling. Most Android Smartphones are always connected to the internet either through a mobile ... Read More »

How to exclude podcasts from an Android music player app

If you regularly listen to podcasts, you probably use a podcast manager like Beyondpod, DoggCatcher or PodTrapper. You use the podcast manager to download podcasts and then listen to them. This means that you don’t need to play podcasts in your music player. Unfortunately, all Android music players automatically list all ... Read More »

Download a hacked version of Skype 2.0 to video call on your Android!

A few days ago, Skype 2.0 for Android was released. Other than some neat updates such as a new user interface, 2.0 supports video calls over Wifi and 3G. So, anyone with a front facing camera can enjoy making free video calls over their android mobiles, right? Unfortunately, not quite! ... Read More »

Quick Tip: Google mobile receives an upgrade

If you visited Google on your mobile yesterday you might have noticed that it has slightly changed. At the top of the famous search engine, a chrome like bar sits at the top. Clicking the more tab will bring up a grid of 12 of the most popular Google services. ... Read More »

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