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Introduction and basics doubts about Rooting

[learn_more caption=” What is an Android ROM?“] Technically speaking ROM stands for Read only memory. The read only partition of an android phone can hold vital software like an operating system. But the question you could be asking yourself is, why do you need to root your device and why ... Read More »

List of Kernels for HTC One X

The list is meant for use on HTC One X international version only. List of kernels Franco Kernel Faux Hybrid kernel Bricked-Kernel v0.3 & v0.35 EternityProject Kernel (USBHOST) Ncx kernel TripNDroid kernel TripNDroid Endeavoru kernel TripNRaVeR kernel repacked for stock Sense ALiCE kernel BETA Advance Stock Kernel Stock Kernel 1.29.401.11 ... Read More »

How to Root HTC One X in just two minutes

Make Sure you have followed the HTC One X rooting guide from the beginning or you can go back and read the simple rooting introduction for noobs. Rooting HTC One X (International Quad core GSM version only) Before you start make sure you backup your data manually with the checklist ... Read More »

List Of Themes For HTC One X

Now that you have got yourself a beautiful custom ROM and performance boosting kernel, wouldn’t you like to add a new flavor to your device by adding your cool theme? Below we have listed all popular themes with the ROM they are built for. Themes are available for both Sense ... Read More »

List of Tweaks, Mods and fixes for HTC One X

This list is a collection of some of the best and most popular features in demand on the HTC One X. Probably you would like to add some new features, change some manufacturer defaults, remove elements or enhance your experience on the One X. Check out the below list while ... Read More »

Rooting and flashing Tools for HTC One X or any Android Phone

These are multi-utility tools and can be used with most android devices through a computer without any issues. These tools can save your time and help you achieve the same complicated process in a simpler way. To download or install tools refer to their individual guides and steps on the ... Read More »

Flashing The Boot.img On An Android Phone

Note: This procedure is meant for HTC One X but also works on other android phone and tablet devices. The boot.img file is required to install a custom ROM on the HTC ONE X which is currently S-ON. S-OFF devices need not require the additional steps of flashing a boot.img ... Read More »

HTC One X ROM’s list

The development community and chefs have blessed the HTC One X with a variety of ROM’s to choose from. You can go ahead and pick the ROM for your One X based on your requirements, preferences and past experiences with ROM’s from specific chef’s. The list is compiled to include ... Read More »

How To Flash a Kernel & Modules

Introduction to kernels Based on your requirements for a better performance, a better battery or for additional tweaks, a custom kernel can be used to enhance the overall performance of the device. Check the compatibility of a kernel with a specific ROM before you flash it to your device. Each ... Read More »

Full Backup of android phone without recovery on an unrooted phone

backup android phone without root

We have seen a plethora of tutorial on creating backups of complete phone along with settings and data with the help of ClockWorkMod or any other recovery on a rooted device but there’s something new to learn today which even the advanced users are unaware of. Creating full backup of ... Read More »

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