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Siri look out! Sagan Voice

Siri look out! Sagan Voice actions android app review

“Siri look out! Sagan AI here!” That’s a pretty bold statement to consider and that’s why we wanted to take a look at Sagan AI. Siri as we all know is arguably the best way to interact with a mobile device(iPhone) by making use of voice commands. Google Voice has ... Read More »


Stringnote android app review

While you are on the road, heading somewhere or having fun with your friends in a sports club, there can be a lot of things running in mind and need to be thought about sometime later but it can be a real pain to take them down as note in ... Read More »

DeFunkt Calls

Defunkt Calls android app review

Modern day cell phone communication is taking a new look every day. Right from the evolution of alphabets, postal services, fixed line telephones and smartphones the communication segment has been strengthening its backbone with an array of technological breakthroughs.  But there’s one thing I miss about my older gadgets, their ... Read More »

Instant Camera

instant camera android app review

I spend a lot of time with my pictures after a wonderful vacation or a party, adding special effects to my pictures with Photoshop elements or the easy way of choosing an online services to fulfil my big time hobby. Though there have been a couple of alternatives for the ... Read More »

Google Tasks Incredible Lite

Google Tasks Incredible android app review

There’s one thing I definitely loved about the Windows Phone 7, its clean blue theme. Well Google Tasks Incredible(GTI) Lite android app is not just about its rich blue theme but an amazing Task management experience packed with simplicity and style. We have some of the strongest contenders in this ... Read More »


For years together some apps never found a better alternative on the android device. Either they were the best in category or they did what they were meant to do and users were happy with them. The barcode scanning apps are one such category which are useful for anyone who ... Read More »

Track your plan

android app reviews track your plan

Despite your keen eye on your monthly mobile network usage and multiple efforts made to keep it under control if you are still paying overage charges to your mobile network operator month after the other, it’s time for a more effective and reliable approach to deal with the situation. Track ... Read More »

GrooVe IP

Groove IP android app review

Though there are a lot of useful apps on the Android Market that we never notice due to their non visibility in the top position in each category. If you have been looking for softwares which let you make free call from your desktop computer or smartphone to the US ... Read More »

¡Hola! – Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish android app

Learning a new foreign language can have multiple benefits like when moving to a different country for travel, studying abroad or if your partner, in-laws, relatives or friends speak a different language or if it’s your work which involves regular contact with speakers of foreign languages, learning a local language ... Read More »


selloby app review

I remember the first smartphone I sold online was using a local classified service which I was trying to experimenting with. Online Classifieds are a simple, free yet powerful tool to explore new products and sell the old ones from the convenience of a web enabled device. Surfing through the ... Read More »

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