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Google Translate

Android app review - Google translate

The Google Translate Android App by Google Inc. app is Google’s very own translation software optimized for your android device. In sticking with true Google fashion, this app has no frills, is extremely well designed, very accurate and reliable. The app itself is a wonderful little tool and Google has ... Read More »

Mobile GA

If you are not satisfied with mAnalytics or Analytics widget reviewed by us previously you need not be disappointed just because Google hasn’t given it a thought . Mobile GA is a free app that will let you watch your Google analytics account with ease and power . Start the ... Read More »

Analytics Widget

Last Week we showed how mAnalytics can show your Google analytics details directly on your phone without having to go to a PC , now we will learn a even simpler method with a less powerful tool . Widgets are a simple way to keep an eye on a lot ... Read More »


Bloggers this is for you . If tracking your website traffic is one of your hobbies ? mAnalytics can do a lot for than what you expect a mobile client does and the best part is its mobile friendly . Start the app just add your Google account information and ... Read More »

Shush! Ringer Restorer

Shush! Ringer Restorer lets you set a timer to turn your ring volume back on after you’ve set your Android phone to silent. Version: 6.1 Size: 27.58KB (no apps2SD) This Android app is activated when you silence your ringer using the volume buttons (note that other silencing methods may not ... Read More »

Free Turn by Turn Voice guided navigation from MapQuest for Android

And MapQuest officially enters the Android navigation arena. Can it compete with Google Maps? Eh, probably not, but it still looks like a great app. Unlike other navigation options, MapQuest is offering theirs up for free and includes voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and a bunch of other goodies. Seriously, if GMaps ... Read More »


Capturing your screen could be really important at times , whether its taking screenshots from a video or taking game screenshots to brag your achievements or reporting app crashes to support forums . At times it could be also useful to take screenshots of your homescreens to remember the layout ... Read More »

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Android App is awesome ! It allows you to scan most product bar codes in 1D(UPC, EAN, etc.) and 2D formats (QR Code) to search Google for product results. You can even search for words in a book when using this app (results are populated if the book is available on The ... Read More »

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